We are one of the frontrunners among the educational consultants that provide professional guidance and services related in choosing a career. It’s not an easy task to choose an appropriate career especially for a 17year old. He needs to go through several researches and planning. Most of them make mistakes and end up in wrong choice. Here, we provide the complete solution for the student to start his career in a fruitful manner by going through academic and financial background and gives Personal Guidance to choose courses that perfectly fit to his Career or Personal Goals. We mainly focus on support after the admission has been taken. Over 80% of our students are references from our previous students.


We, professionals, understand the fact that it is important to guide you through the entire process of admission to Study MBBS Abroad and take the additional responsibility in doing so. Our team conveys a mission to create awareness among the fraternity of all students and parents that it is possible to smoothen the admission process only by staying informed about the right kind of information. The aim of making available the admission guidance process is to let all concerned parents realize that the overall admission procedure is not so difficult and we help in assisting the same. While benefiting all concerned students about the admission procedure, we focus on a few steps such that the admission takes place in the right and timely manner. We perform a detailed planning regarding every single activity that needs to be performed. We make it a point to guide you in the best possible manner so that you do not face any issues while completing the admission formalities. The reason as to why we have come forward to make you avail the advantage of admission guidance services is due to the fact that we have been able to realize that confusion regarding the best career choice was a norm rather than an exception.


Choosing an educational institute is important to an individual and this is what our counselors explain to them instead of offering them with false hopes and belief. Our team consists of experts who have been working in this field for years together and successfully convinced the students about the field of MBBS in abroad and the ones that are lucrative or others which have little value in the job market. With rising levels of competition, every student has to understand that a mundane degree would not lead them anywhere and specialized skill is certainly the buzzword of the present times. Here at ‘STUDY MBBS ABROAD’ we help the student to choose the university with respect to different criteria’s such as marks in the core subjects, financial capability and individual ability to pursue in that college.


Our team, help you to obtain VISA in an hassle free manner, by providing proper documentation through fine tuned procedures. We don’t want our students to face any problems relating to VISA cancellation or submission of necessary documents.


My team supports you to get the complete details pertaining to travel, migration and settling abroad. By attending a pre departure program, you will be able to come through different facets of student life abroad. Like the rules and regulations of the particular country you are travelling to, details pertaining to the laws of the country, weather conditions - to be prepared with the appropriate clothing, assistance in providing details of restaurants and all other required assistance to study abroad. We help you to know about the different documents that you need to carry along with you, during your travel and studies.


We maintain tie up with different forex dealers, to help finding one convenient for you. Our tie up with various forex dealers makes it comfortable to choose the right one for you. American express Global travel card, Cash to Master, Foreign Currency Cash, Cobranded Prepaid Forex Cards and Foreign Currency Travelers Cheque are few among the forex services that can be benefitted for your purpose. We always ensure that student gets the best possible exchange rate. We also have tie-ups with International Banks to provide the students with forex card and traveller’s cheque at the time of departure.


The complete travel assistance is given from our side relating to taking tickets and travel insurance for the student to study abroad. We help in booking tickets at the minimum fare, and also taking the insurance with the best financial partners. Also, we are sending our wards in groups so that they don’t face any difficulty being alone. The travel assistance covers pre-departure, mid-trip and post-travel services, We provide you with the best possible options for travel. We help you identify the right airline for excess baggage schemes. The department helps you in your entire course-period in travelling. We also arrange travel for parents and relatives of the student when required.


  • 1. Escorting the student from Airport to the University.
  • 2. Providing the accommodation till the students get the hostel room.
  • 3. Assist you in your hostel registration and allotting you the room.
  • 4. Assistance in medical insurance.
  • 5. Providing assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Equivalence from the Ministry of Education of the Destination Country.
  • 6. Assist you in getting local SIM Card in University.
  • 7. Assist you in getting enrolment in hostel mess.
  • 8. Assist you in issuance of your library membership card.
  • 9. Assist you in final documentation in the university.
  • 10. Assist you in your medical check-up in university at the time of arrival.
  • 11. Coordination with university authorities in Monitoring students’ academic progress and behaviour.
  • 12. Providing information and consultation in obtaining a visa for students’ parents to visit their children.
  • 13. Assist you in visa extension.
  • 14. Support during the entire period of study.
  • 15. Assistance in providing visa to parents for their visit (if require).
  • 16. Assist parents in their smooth travel arrangements.
  • 17. Assist you in getting air tickets throughout the period of study.
  • 18. We give the contacts of pursuing students for confirmed admissions and make arrangements to meet them in person when they are available on vacation.
  • 19. Assistance in enrolling for MCI screening test coaching classes in the university.
  • 20. If student wish to change the room in hostel, assistance is given, provided genuine reason given by student.
  • 21. Complete assistance is provided at the time of urgency.
  • 22. Any other assistance that may be required by the students.


Most of the students going abroad take financial aid from banks and starts repayment after course completion. We help them with the required documents and details.

Medical council of India FMGE Coaching support.

We provide coaching for FMGE of Medical council of India.

Why Overseas Education??

The world has shrunk into a mouse, especially after the information revolution. India is a big country and its educational needs should also be addressed according to the new trends. The demand for different aspiration has made students plan to study abroad. The medical education in India is limited because of its paucity of seats.This has made students plan towards an international space. In fact there are so many obstacles in India towards their dream of becoming a doctor. In India the number of seats is very less ,when compared with the aspirantional needs. The medical competitive examination in India depends on luck rather than talent. The other option is to apply for the management seats but if one uses the term “commercialization of education” it won’t be inappropriate, there students have to pay a huge amount of money,which most of them cant afford.What is happening in India now is some students give up the task after appearing two or three times for the competitive examinations. The vast majority compromise on their dreams, as well as the necessity of their country and settle for career they never wanted. The insufficient number of medical college’s leads to stiff competition for medical seats has given rise to an increasing trend of Indian students going abroad for their medical education. While some countries do provide standard medical education, most countries chosen by Indian students do not maintain similar standards. Medical is considered to be one of the most common professions choose by the students in India. This profession has become so common that, it has become difficult for the aspirants to stand out. Medical students must know that their selection of college plays an important role in developing their doctoral career.In a brief analysis of the countries chosen, Russia stands aloft with its world class standards. China also is a good place, mainly because of its good ranking. The standard of Indian doctors can simply be analyzed by the intake of doctors from here to UK and USA.

Advantages of Overseas Education

Hassle free from entrance test, long pressure of admission procedure.

International standards bring new ideas, fresh perspective which is a prerequisite in the modern day education.

The chances of working in an international atmosphere are more, which can in turn make you a global product.