r NRI Students and their Career Planning:

NRI Students and their Career Planning:

by Razak Aviyoor

Posted on April 13, 2018 at 16:11 PM

As a student, having your schooling outside India gives you a different perspective altogether. You live in a very different space, mostly in a nuclear family and a very busy schedule in your schooling days. Most of the students be a part of a transnational environment, they acquire better facilities in some departments of life.

At the same time, for a student there are chances to completely be unaware of his identity, the bliss of the love kids get from their elders because most of the students would have led their lives in a cabinet, cribbed flat.

There are very big chances of NRI students becoming self centric,  because of the busy schedules of their parents. Most medical aspirant NRI students decides to come to India, for their plus2 in the aim of planning to prepare for MBBS. They usually opt for a school which also gives special training for entrance. Here are some of the main points an NRI students should keep in mind, when she/he is transplanted to India.

1)They usually find here perplexed sometimes, they suddenly feels everything goes in a slow pace compared to abroad place they stayed. Never ever feel or compare these two places, just enjoy the difference, celebrating the differences is a trait a student should cultivate during his younger days.

2)There are chances that, some students may feel alien in their home country, this sometimes makes them upset. They might miss their parents, who was only their life  during the time they lived abroad. Don't get embroiled in that, remember this is where your original roots are and this small missing is for something great you have to achieve in life.

3)Sometimes the hostel you stay or the facilities you get may be lacking in some way when compared to your life abroad. This should never bother you, the best trait a student should acquire is to adapt in any conditions. Develop the habit of reaching out to others, inculcate the quality of sharing and making others happy, this  will definitely make you more happy.

4)The big trait any student should develop while preparing for crunching stuffs like MBBS is perseverance. For an NRI student, he/she  would have seen things happen fast according to their wish. This attitude should not make them feel complacent while preparing MBBS.You should always realise “Rome,was not built in a day”. So take a deep breath, focus and face any obstacles that come in front of you, during your preparation.

5)Last but not the least, our great country called India is a very unique place. You have wide varieties of things to learn and understand in this immaculate space. This occasion can really help to explore your own country, if you have missed it, to know your motherland, is to know your inner soul.

So Medical Aspirants........Chak De India!!!!!

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