r Its Your Choice, Let it be Only Your’S

Its Your Choice, Let it be Only Your’S

by Razak Aviyoor

Posted on April 19, 2018 at 10:47 AM

Its an entrance time, its a time, when you are in a complete dilemma, what to choose or what not. The myriads of opinions, which will be around from your near and far ones, there may be a rejection of your plans, some might force their opinion, there are all these factors, which will surround you, the moment you complete your plus two. But as a student, you should never compromise your dreams and career. These are the main steps you should adhere to comply with your decisions.

1) Be sure your course is your dream and passion, never go for a half-hearted course. Always remember that this defines your future and the place in your society, so you should be vigilant while choosing it.

2) Never procrastinate your decision; this will cost you very tough in your future. This makes you not sure about yourself in the long run.

3) Have the guts to rectify your failures, never be ashamed of that. Some students always try to hide their weakness, just remember that it will get exposed sooner or later if you don’t rectify it.

4) Never stop trying for excellence; it’s you who will decide where you will reach not others. There are sometimes when others try to decide your fate.

5) Life is not an accident, it’s an art of creativity to be fashioned and enjoyed to the core. So it’s all about diverting your energy, knowledge into a purposeful and meaningful life.

6) Have an ear for criticism, never get bogged down. There are a lot of instances, when you get perturbed when you are prone to criticism, face it boldly and never try to get upset with it.

So, Be your Master, let not anyone rule You!!!!!

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