r NEET Exam: What is your Preparation Modus Operandi???

NEET Exam: What is your Preparation Modus Operandi???

by Razak Aviyoor

Posted on April 14, 2018 at 15:27 PM

NEET Exam is to be conducted for the medical courses in the month of may (May 6th), all over India. Its a hot summer for India, the preparation pressure will be definitely encircling the minds of thousands of medical aspirants, who will face the high decibel exam very soon.

1)This exam is really an exit exam, some get in, others will not. So, just go forward in a professional manner, without having the pressure siren prick you each and every moment during your preparation.

2)The next important stuff is, each of the students should be true to themselves. They should definitely asses them where do they stand in their preparation level and should be ready to accept it. The big dictum is “There is no shortcut to success”. So never be in an illusion that, you can creep in by hook or crook. To achieve the best, you have to put out your best. There is no other, substitution for it.

3)You should clearly go for clear preparation rather than a last-minute patch up. Have the clear cut idea that this exam, is being completed by many who aspire to become doctors. The subject knowledge, the skill you require should be chiseled to the best you can. So never take a half-hearted effort and then feel dejected after the results. The main logic behind it is, you should make “winning a habit”. In the precise terms, don’t go for any assignments vaguely, you should do it for the purpose of achieving and winning it. This is very important in life. So, If you go with casual efforts, then it becomes a habit when you repeat it.

4)Any event in your life is only a bypasser, It's not the end and means. So never be very conscious about the exam and get the feeling of anxiety. Try your best and hope for the best, if you achieve it, that ’s well and good. If that didn’t happen, another big is waiting for you.

5)Be always optimistic in your preparation and always maintain a positive vibe around you. Never get into self-defeating thoughts during your preparation. Just be cool and try your best. Just work out things in day tight compartments.Just be prepared for the big day and be very meticulous to make that a memorable day.

So Medical Aspirants, Come On and Just Do It!!!

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