by Razak Aviyoor

Posted on April 13, 2018 at 16:58 PM

Georgia in its walk towards more international credentials in the educational curriculum has made IELTS/TOEFL mandatory for students planning to study there. This announcement has been categorically announced by the embassy. The main advantages of this decision are

1) Georgia has decided to make its educational system more in tune with international standards and is also planning to create a real cosmopolitan atmosphere in their educational space.

2)The minimum band score a student requires for applying for a D3 visa is 5.5

3)The is really a good news for Indian students because we are a full-fledged English speaking nation and the cream students there would become more anglicised, which can really make communication and exchange of ideas more constructive.

4)This also shows Georgia’s decision will, in turn, make the faculties also more English oriented, which makes Indian students applying there in a really positive environment, because they can really hear the classes in a very effective manner.

5)For every student, clearing IELTS is an advantage because, in the present world, English language proficiency is indeed a big tool to achieve success.

6) This allows the students to be in a more elite, fruitful environment because all the students studying there will come after clearing IELTS.

So Students, Let’s Play The English Piano, in Georgia!!!!

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